Water System Maintenance Tips


There are many reasons for system maintenance.  It can be as simple as the power went out and all you need to do is reset your filtration unit.  At King Pure Water we are here to assist you in getting your water system maintenance completed.  And you will  have it back up and working fast.  Because, proper maintenance can extend the life of your King Pure Water system for years.  Filters need to be replaced, supplies need to be refilled.  General maintenance on a calculated time table are critical to keeping your system working at top efficiency.

King Pure Water will show you exactly what needs to be done and help you schedule everything so your system runs smoothly and flawlessly.  We will remind you, if asked, when it is time to purchase new supplies, and when filters should be replaced.

Tech Tip #1

Sometimes the power will go out at your home or business and you will want to reset the time on your water system.  It could be as simple as change of daylight savings time.  In this video we willl show you how to set the time on your KPW Water System.

Blow Down Rusco Filter

Occasionally you will find your water system Rusco filter will have sediment in it.  It’s best to clean and blow down that Rusco filter from time to time to insure optimal performance of your water system.  Hence, this edition of King Pure Water Tech Tips is how to blow down your Rusco filter.

Setting The Hardness

In this edition of King Pure Water Tech Tips we will show you how to set your hardness on your water system and reset the complete system.  if you have a power failure for example and need to reset the system.

Changing A UV Light

A UV light needs to be changed once a year to remain effective.  Municipal water systems cannot prevent all microorganisms from being in your tap water.  Some chlorine resistant microorganisms like Giardia and Cryptosporidium can wreak havoc on your family.  A UV system will destroy over 99% of all microorganisms  present in your water.  All of our UV systems do require annual maintenance however.  And this tech tip deals with your UV system and how to change the UV light.

Changing Reverse Osmosis Filters

Today’s tech tip goes through the filters on our Reverse Osmosis system from King Pure Water and how to change them.  Fresh filters on Reverse Osmosis systems means your water remains clean and clear of contaminants.