Contaminant Protection

King Pure Water is the areas premier water purification company, that specializes in soft water, reverse osmosis, and other commercial and residential water purification needs. If you have hard water that is discolored or smells like rotten eggs we can help.

Your private well can be contaminated with a wide variety of sources.  Microorganisms, Nitrates, Metals, Radionuclides and even Fouride in excessive amounts are often found in well water.  Surface bound water can seep into your well system. When that happens it can create all sorts of issues, especially right after heavy rains.  One of the most common water problems found in rural wells is bacterial contamination, especially from septic tank effluent.  That’s why King Pure Water is your turn to company to prevent and protect your family from any type of water contamination.  

Our water systems can filter out contaminates and provide clean clear safe drinking water for your family.  As more homes are built in this area the chances for water contamination grow.  Land now used today for homes could have been used for crops or livestock years ago. As a result, your water must be filtered to remove all the contaminates that are coursing through the water from the well you are using.

 Contact King Pure Water at (865) 366-3434 and we can come out test your water and let you know it is safe to drink or if it needs some filtration. or request we contact you.