Calcite Neutralization


Calcite is a naturally occurring calcium carbonate media. Calcite, as a self-limiting property, has a built in advantage. Calcite added to water gives water alkalinity which offsets the acidity (low pH) of water.  Generally, acidity in water is caused by carbon dioxide being dissolved in the water itself.  Carbon dioxide in minute amounts is present in all water naturally. Reverse Osmosis removes the alkalinity present in water but not the carbon dioxide. 

Upon contact with calcite, acidic water slowly dissolves the calcium carbonate to raise the pH.  A higher PH in the water reduces potential leaching of metals. These metals generally used in local plumbing systems, such as copper and lead.  Calcite itself is an inexpensive crushed and screened white marble calcium carbonate media. It can be used to neutralize acidic or low pH waters to neutral.

Advantages of Using Calcite Filters for Water Neutralization


  • Raises pH of water to a less corrosive effluent which is naturally occurring and inexpensive material
  • Ability to better control PH correction because it is slower reacting
  • Reduces maintenance and prolongs life of the filtration media

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